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Practice live conversations anytime without fear of making mistakes. is the AI who will speak with you about anything in voice or text and give you feedback while you chat!

Available in English, Spanish, and French!
Lingostar can speak EnglishLingostar can speak SpanishLingostar can speak French
Here is how is helping language learners reach fluency.

A study plan tailored to you

Every chat with Lingostar will be analyzed so you are always learning & progressing towards fluency.

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Break through the language barrier

Lingostar is the most fun & affordable way to get through the plateau phase and reach fluency. All it takes is a conversation a day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really chatting with a computer?

Yes! Lingostar is using cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to power the conversation. It's pretty amazing how far technology has come!


Is there any limit to how much I can chat with Lingostar?

No - you can chat as much as you would like! In fact, we encourage students to occasionally return to the same topics to test their progress. In fact, you never know what Lingostar will say the next time, it's sure to be different!


Sometimes the response from Lingostar is a bit weird.

Yes, that happens sometimes, both with computers and humans. If it does, please leave us a comment and Lingostar engineers will have a look. We're committed to continuing to improve the AI so you can have richer conversations with Lingostar.


Can we have conversations with real humans?

Not yet - but we hope to also provide that feature one day. If you enjoy learning with Lingostar, spread the word and before you know it you'll be able to talk with both the AI and fellow language learners from around the world.


What is the goal for Lingostar?

At Lingostar, our mission is to help language learners actually reach fluency. To do this, we want to provide easy access to conversational immersion for students and educators. Not everyone can afford to pay for expensive tutors. Not everyone's schedule allows for them to live in another country for a period of time, chat with someone in a distant time zone, or attend an awkward language exchange.

For many people around the world, language is a barrier that prevents them from achieving their dream job or connecting more deeply with people around the world. Lingostar will help you remove those barriers.


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